Ecodeo is a digital media firm focused on eco innovation & sustainability.  

Ecodeo is pronounced:   eee-kod-ee-oh  

Ecodeo means:  eco + code + video  

We produce EcoAds, eco advocacy, eco documentary series, storytelling & eco marketing.

Ecodeo bridges a content gap between eco innovation and global markets. We focus on integrating practical aspects of truly sustainable brands, eco innovations & eco products with the authentic story of their positive impact on the environment. We bring eco metrics into our content to amplify sustainable brands, clean energy, renewables, cleantech, clean transit, and eco products. We believe that a sustainable future is absolutely within reach and that sustainable development is the path to economic success. We work in both the private and public sector to create a social impact on consumerism, understanding and lifestyle behaviors toward sustainable end of the spectrum. Ecodeo is about reaching beyond the "choir of greenies" and therefore places an absolute equal importance on content production as on analytics, & digital strategy. 

Ecodeo has a growing client & partner list and various projects in development. We're a cyber tribe of creatives, makers, do-ers, producers, filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, researchers, writers, journalists, animators, graphic artists, composers, musicians, actors, data geeks who collectively aim to create unparalleled eco-content across all screens. Ecodeo maintains as light a carbon footprint as possible in it's operations and when possible hosts our heavy lifting post workflow on GreenQloud: (the worlds' first truly green cloud).